Friday, December 14, 2012

Lily Bee Christmas Wreath and December Daily

The month is going by so fast, and almost 2013!  We are all getting over being sick.  Emma usually gets better before either one of us, but wasn't the case this time.  Went to the doctor. No congestion in her chest, just a nasty cough, but glad we went to make sure.  She was running a low-grade fever.  So hoping to get to do some fun Christmas activities this weekend if she is still doing okay.

I have a new Christmas wreath I made for the Lily Bee Holiday Inspiration Week today.  More Holiday Inspiration on the Lily Bee blog all next week too.
I think this is one my most favorite wreaths I've made for the holidays.  I have all the details of how I made it on the Lily Bee blog here including the Silhouette cut files I used.  But here are some closeups.

And sharing my December Daily days 5-13
We watched Rudolph and Santa Claus is Comin' to Town for the first time...Emma is a scaredy cat when it comes to movies and shows...I don't think she wants to watch again any time soon, but she loves Clarice and Rudolph now.
 I like the mix of the 4 pockets, 3 pockets, 2 pockets and the full size...I used a full size to add some fun goodies inside, stitched across and stitched some cuts from the Silhouette on top.
 The Lily Bee Christmas Cheer, October Afternoon Make it Merry, and the American Crafts Kringle and Co are really mixing well together.
 A little confession here...I should never say never...but I will never fill the pockets with confetti, sequins, and wood veneers like this again...I thought it would never fill up!  But then when I sewed it, they got scrunched I could have stopped filling it so much.  But sure came out cute.
 So day 8 and 9 are during the week and these events happened the weekend before...they make really good fillers for when nothing Christmasy is going on.
From the American Crafts Kringle and Co line, I'm loving all the deer and reindeer.  I can't get enough of them.
 Day 11 was a tough one to figure out with is when Emma went to the doctor...she's wearing a very interesting combination of her choosing, and really were not any of the colors I was using for the I kept those colors neutral and I think I pulled it off.  I did have to print her photo smaller so it wouldn't stand out so much.
 Loving the deers...this was cut with the Silhouette...12-12-12 is us...we were getting ready to put Emma to bed.
 I did some stamping and embossing on the vellum, glued on the sequins for this pretty little page that goes with me listening to Christmas music in the one else in the family is into listening to it's my only time when I'm alone.
 And that's it...until tonight and all the activities...but wanted to show how when I flip the page, it's ready for the next memory...I just added more sequins to the backside.  I always use a bobbin with the same color thread when I stitch, so that wasn't a problem on the backside.  And I decided to incorporate this pretty bag...may hold some receipts and other goodies from the weekend.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  Thank you for stopping by!  Will try to make some blog visits, but I know I've slowed down on that a little myself.  

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