Friday, December 28, 2012

December Daily - Days 19 thru 25

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays!  We had a quiet Christmas.  Now getting back into the swing of things.

Sharing the finished December Daily.
Included the Starbucks cup this time, and it was one of two that I had this year!  Shocker!  We make lattes at home now otherwise I'd be getting more!
Put the Elf on the Shelf in here...had to get him in here...  This sounds terrible I know, but every parent is different, and I respect everyone's parenting.  I cannot lie to Emma.  It is because of her going to pre-school and hearing about Santa Claus (even though we had talked about him, but very little), that the whole Santa thing with the elf is done at our house now.  I'm all for the fun and the magic, but whenever she asks me questions about the elf or Santa, I answer it with a question:  what do you think?  
Emma's school program and last the start of being off for the Holidays.
Right after her program, we went to the mall.  So I'm keeping with the numbers, but still not worrying about putting everything on the exact day...the school program did happen on the 21st, but so did day 22 ;)
Spent the day with Holly, Mike and Lisa (my family).  We ate Mexican, then opened presents back at their house.
Christmas Eve - in my family we always opened presents on Christmas Eve, so we keep that tradition too.  She was too cute...very grown up in her responses to presents now.  Either makes absolutely no response or says yeah yeah yeah...she's too young for this!
Christmas Day - that morning was just priceless...
I think {we} surprised her with a Hello Kitty bike, Cinderella's Castle, and the one thing she asked for but I felt it was too young for her...a Fisher Price toy, but I got it on sale, thankfully...because that really was the only thing she asked for.
Even though the Fisher Price toy was what she asked for, we knew she would like the bike and she did...that was the first thing she said "a Hello Kitty bike, I've always wanted one."  Well, she never let us know that!  Good thing we know what she likes.
Here is a slideshow of our December leading up to Christmas...I really really enjoyed doing this year's December Daily.  After doing this for the first time last year, I've learned to made it more my own.

I'll have a post up on Sunday for the next Paper Issues theme.  In the meantime, I've got CHA work I'm busy doing for Carta Bella (loving the new lines) and Lily Bee!  I'm excited and nervous at the same time!

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